Mobile Home America

Are you interested in finding information about mobile homes for sale in the United States? In much of the U.S.A. used mobile homes can be, and often are, listed and advertised for sale through local real estate agents. When information about mobile homes for sale in a given area becomes part of a central database (e.g., multiple listing service) the process of identifying available properties can be quicker and more accurate than trying to identify the same properties through online methods such as Google, Trulia, Craigslist, Zillow, broker/agent websites, and/or offline methods such as newspapers, driving the area, etc.

In the U.S.A. there are certain states, Arizona for example, where mobile homes classified and sold as personal property, often in mobile home parks, are not permitted into some or all of the local multiple listing services. In Arizona real estate licensees are licensed to sell "real estate" not "personal property" and so a separate "manufactured housing" license is required to sell mobile homes classified as personal property. Unfortunately there are relatively few brokers/agents licensed to sell those mobile homes. As to be expected this makes finding these types of properties more of a challenge especially for un-represented buyers.

An un-represented buyer is a potential homebuyer who chooses to go it alone in his and/or her search and purchase of property. This is by far the most difficult and riskiest choice for the inexperienced homebuyer as the purchase of a mobile home involves most, not all, of the same questions, concerns, and risks as when purchasing residential real estate. For example: Where are the best areas? What is available? What is this home worth? Is this a good builder? Which is the better choice? And so on. When purchasing a home the value of experience and expertise in home sales and local market conditions should not be underestimated.

Of course, some people like and/or want to figure things out themselves and will not seek assistance from a skilled professional choosing instead to take on the added expense, effort, and risk associated with finding and buying a mobile home on their own. Many others will appreciate the value of having a professional represent them in their search and purchase of a mobile home and engage the services of a broker/agent.